Our Customers say…

I just want to thank you for all the efforts you have made for my kids and others as well. My boys are so proud and happy today and their confidence in French is so much better than before. And they both always looking forward to Fun avec French classes. I don't know how you show that motivation and inspiration in kids:). Please accept our deepest and heartiest appreciation.

I like Fun avec French because it has done wonders for my daughter. It was an unbelievable miracle for a parent to see the child who totally disliked going to school to loving the language. It is the effort of the staff that motivates my daughter to attend every class. She is most enthusiastic to go to Fun avec French more than anything else.

My daughter learned so many words from Amuse-Vocabulaire (currently "Fun avec Vocab") program. She makes sentences from the book. Her teacher also appreciated it as well. She said to continue going to Fun avec French.

My child has truly benefited from her experiences in this program. Her confidence and school participation have flourished as a result of the positive, affirming and supportive environment provided. Thank you for showing us that learning French is fun!

My child has enjoyed the time spent here. Through our discussions he has mentioned the games are fun and help him to retain what he has learnt.

This program has been a highlight of my daughter's week. She looks forward to attending every week. Her teacher has commented on how well her vocabulary is and I told her she gets a lot of practice by coming to the program.

Her comfort with hearing and speaking French has significantly improved since she started Fun avec French. Her grades at school also improved to A's.

My son has enjoyed coming to the SK French Club program over the summer. He has learnt many French words in such a short time. He even started singing in French at home. The instructors helped him feel comfortable, and he looks forward to attending more sessions by Fun avec French. Excellent program.

We have noticed an improvement in the confidence level, and therefore his participation in his classroom. His report card this term shows a distinct improvement.

How their children have benefited…

...received a better grade in French...marks in other courses that were taught in French also improved.

...more confident in her spoken French and French comprehension.

...greatly improved his French speaking and reading skills.

Workbooks are designed in a fun learning manner so the child accepts it as an activity rather than a practice sheet.

...improved my child's social skills and French vocabulary.

Excellent for easing into 1st year French Immersion.

The classroom environment…

My daughter loves the class and enjoys coming every week!

...speak French in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment.

...creative and compelling learning techniques.

...you motivated all the kids while keeping them on task.

The staff…

Excellent rapport with students...

Communication with parents is open.

Your instructors are very helpful and cooperative.

The staff was friendly and very conscientious and were great with the kids.

Other comments…

This program provides an excellent opportunity for children in French Immersion to exercise their skills away from the classroom.

This is our second year accessing the program. Both my children benefited from the program. We would always recommend the program and our positive experience with others.

It has been a good experience - worth repeating many times!

It's a positive boost for all students learning French.

Great way to have fun and use the French language while learning.